User authentication

Authenticity is verified by a Personal API key, which is validated on each request to the Maventa Webservice.

You can only interact with Maventa API over HTTPS. The Maventa WSDL, which describes the Maventa API in a machine-readable way, is available at:

Most users will interact with Maventa API using a SOAP toolkit tailored for their language and development environment. Different toolkits will expose the Maventa API in different ways. Please refer to your specific toolkit documentation to understand how to use it. This section illustrates the Maventa API SOAP operations in a toolkit-independent way by exhibiting the XML requests and responses as they appear “on the wire.”

SOAP endpoint

You can send Maventa SOAP messages over SSL secured http protocol to the endpoint. Note that authenticated SOAP requests are only accepted over SSL.

Common elements

You should include the following authorization-related elements (where applicable) with any SOAP request:

user_api_key: The registered user’s API-key (always included in every request)

vendor_api_key: The software vendor’s API-key

company_uuid: The company which the user is acting on behalf (if having many companies)