What is the Maventa API?

The Maventa API is the primary means of accessing Maventas various e-invoicing services.

It consists of a set of callable SOAP methods defined in their respective API versions and some API end-points.

To use the API, you need to first open a TEST account which is a sandbox in which you can develop your application with to use the Maventa API.

To perform an action you need to select a calling convention, send a request to its end-point specifying a method and some arguments, and will receive a formatted response.

What can Maventa be used for?

Potential application ideas include:

  • Integrating your financial package (SAP, MS Dynamics / Axapta, QuickBooks, Peachtree) to the Maventa Service.
  • Custom import tools (SalesForce, QuickBooks, CSV, etc.
  • Automatic time-based invoice creation.
  • Accounting, Revenue analysis, Budgeting, Factoring and Claiming Services.
  • External integration with online payment gateways