No unnecessary costs

Thanks to our simple pricing, you can prune away all unnecessary costs and only pay for what you use. The service has no fixed maintenance or opening costs – you only pay according to the number of invoices sent and received. With Maventa, you can save in costs, time and errors and act in an environmentally friendly way.

No start-up or monthly fees

  • 0–49 invoices/month
  • Sending and receiving an e-invoice 0.70 €
  • Paper invoice:
  • Priority 1,79 €
  • Economy 1,45 €
  • Scanning 1,32 €
  • 50-199 invoices/month
  • Sending and receiving an e-invoice 0.42 €
  • Paper invoice:
  • Priority 1,75 €
  • Economy 1,40 €
  • Scanning 1,22 €
  • 200-499 invoices/month
  • Sending and receiving an e-invoice 0.36 €
  • Paper invoice:
  • Priority 1,70 €
  • Economy 1,35 €
  • Scanning 1,11 €
  • 500-999 invoices/month
  • Sending and receiving an e-invoice 0.33 €
  • Paper invoice:
  • Priority 1,65 €
  • Economy 1,30 €
  • Scanning 0,97 €
  • 1,000–1,999 invoices/month
  • Sending and receiving an e-invoice 0.29 €
  • Paper invoice:
  • Priority 1,54 €
  • Economy 1,13 €
  • Scanning 0,92 €

MORE THAN 2,000 INVOICES PER MONTH: Call us at +358 10 219 34 00 or send an e-mail to and ask for a quote

1. The price of scanning includes the first page of the invoice. Extra pages €0.21/page

2. The paper invoice includes printing out one page, an envelope and mailing. Extra pages €0.22/page

3. Outside Finland: Priority Europe €1.70 and Priority World €1.80

Download an extensive price list as PDF

Save in time and costs

Receiving and processing a paper invoice takes time: opening the envelope, finding the invoice information, approval, transferring the information into the software, and paying the invoice. Receiving one single paper invoice can cost the company up to €30–60 before the invoice is even paid. Maventa cuts off 95% of these costs immediately.

Save up to 95% in mailing costs

The costs of sending an invoice consist of materials and the time spent: the paper, the envelope, the printer, the ink and the stamp. In total, a single invoice can cost as much as €5 on average, excluding the time spent by the personnel. With Maventa, you can reduce the costs by as much as 95%. When the recipient uses Maventa’s network, both sides benefit from the savings.

Make invoicing more efficient

Maventa’s pricing is based on the number of invoices you send – anywhere in the world. You only pay according to the number of invoices sent and received, because Maventa has no start-up or fixed monthly fees. In addition to the financial savings, you also remove the errors and delays due to the manual processing in invoicing.

If you have not changed over to e-invoicing yet, open your free Maventa account now!

Maventa e-invoices make the invoicing of your company easy, inexpensive and safe. You save plenty of time and money. The nordic’s most popular e-invoicing service is already in use by more than 70,000 companies.

  • Save as much as 95% in invoicing costs

  • Streamline

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  • Easy commissioning