E-invoicing for small and medium-sized companies

Does the handling of invoices consume too much resources? Maventa offers you the benefits of e- invoicing immediately. You save in costs and ensure that the look of your invoices is professional and reflects your company image. The transition to e-invoicing is easy, and it does not require separate IT resources or competence from the company. Maventa offers all services related to invoicing ready to use, such as printing, scanning and the collection of charges.

Make invoicing more effective

Maventa’s pricing is based on the number of invoices you have sent – anywhere in the world without start-up fees or fixed monthly fees. You can forget about printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, stamps and posting. With Maventa, you can reduce the cost of sending invoices by as much as 95%. In addition to the financial savings, you can remove the errors and delays due to the manual handling of invoicing.

Save in purchase invoices

Receiving and processing paper invoices takes time: opening the envelope, finding the invoicing information, approval, transferring the information into the software and paying the invoice. Based on studies, handling a paper invoice costs companies €30–60 per invoice before the invoice is even paid. E-invoicing streamlines the processing of purchase invoices and cuts off 75–90% of these costs.

Professional invoices

An invoice is always a message to the customer and a way to create images. The invoices coming from a company must reflect the company image, and they must be clear and professional. With Maventa, you can raise your invoicing processes to a professional level without the need of information system expertise within your own organisation. Maventa automatically ensures that the invoices have desired look, and it is already linked to many of the financial management programs used by medium-sized companies. If your software is not integrated directly, you can make the connection by using the Maventa Connector program. See the compatible software.

Outsource scanning, printing and collection of charges

Maventa’s scanning service scans paper and e-mail invoices for you. The invoices are automatically forwarded to your Maventa account as e-invoices with an image of the original invoice attached in pdf format. Maventa’s printing service takes care of the printing and mailing of both invoices and other materials. If your sales invoices become overdue, you can send reminders to your customers or send the invoices to collection directly from Maventa’s online user interface.

Options for commissioning e-invoicing


Integrating your current financial management software with Maventa is the easiest way to commission e-invoicing. If your financial management software has not yet been integrated with Maventa, you can do this using the Maventa API.


If your company does not use financial management software that has been integrated with Maventa, but you do use financial management software that prints and reads e-invoices in XML format, it can be connected using Maventa Connector, which is supported by almost all financial management software.

Web portal

If the company does not use financial management software or if the current software does not support e-invoices, you can create the invoices using the Verkkolaskut.fi service.

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