E-invoicing for large companies

Sending and receiving invoices are business critical processes for your company, and compromises cannot be made in their reliability. Integrating Maventa’s e-invoicing as a part of your company’s ERP system provides you with a transparent, scalable and cost-effective solution. The infrastructure remains simple – you can take care of all invoice forwarding via one single interface.

Transparency and degree of automation of financial management

The reliability, efficiency and transparency of processes are extremely important to companies that handle large amounts of invoices. You can integrate Maventa flexibly as a part of the financial management processes and existing systems of your company. We offer an API for sending sales invoices, receiving purchase invoices and archiving invoices; with the API, you can take care of all services related to invoice forwarding, whether they involve e-invoice or paper invoices, businesses or consumers, in Finland or worldwide.

Reliability and efficiency guaranteed

As a customer of Maventa, you receive a reliable invoicing service. Our data centres are located in Finland and our databases are also maintained in Finland. Our server environment is fully clustered and it scales according to the increasing demand. User management enables the user management of large corporate groups directly from an online user interface. In Maventa’s system, invoices are transferred from the sender to the recipient within minutes. Our invoice scanning service scans the invoices either immediately or by the next weekday at the latest. If the end user sends an invoice to the wrong address, the user receives feedback and instructions on what to do to correct the error. All events are logged, and they can be reviewed either in the program or via the online user interface.

Do not send unnecessary paper invoices

Too few large companies take full advantage of the potential cost savings in e-invoicing. According to our study (spring 2014), as much as 20% of paper invoices are sent unnecessarily on paper to a recipient that could accept e-invoices. As Maventa’s customer, your system always receives up-to-date e-invoice address information on your customers, and the invoices are sent as e-invoices whenever possible.

Suppliers included in e-invoicing

Maventa has the most comprehensive network in Nordics of suppliers sending invoices. Large companies with many small subcontractors have often found it difficult to include their whole subcontracting chain within the same electronic solution. Maventa also offers e-invoicing solutions for small companies without fixed costs. In this way, the company can offer its own suppliers a solution that allows even one-person part-time contractors to send an e-invoice easily and at an extremely low cost. The benefit of Maventa’s solution compared to supplier portals is that if the subcontractors so wish, they can take care of all of their e-invoice traffic with the same solution instead of having to log in to several systems in order to send invoices.

E-invoices as a tool of corporate communications

Invoices are a natural, cost-effective method of customer communications. The benefit of e-invoicing for the recipient of the invoice comes from the rationalisation of invoice circulation and the related manual work. Nevertheless, the appearance of the invoice will not lose its meaning. The customers still see an image of the invoice and its attachments when they process the invoice. As Maventa’s customer, you can be sure that your invoices always look stylish and professional. You can either use Maventa’s ready-made invoice templates and attach the company’s visual look to them, or you can use your own invoice appearance. In addition, you can send attachments and bulletins with the invoice.

Maventa API and integration

Connecting e-invoicing to ERP systems

If your company uses SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics AX as its ERP system, you can connect it to Maventa’s service very cost-effectively. You can use an existing system service provider or Maventa’s certified integration partners for the integration.

Sending invoices over a web service interface

If your system generates and reads invoices in the e-invoice standard formats (oioxml, UBL, EHF, TEAPPS, finvoice, svefaktura), integrating your system with Maventa is straightforward. You simply send an XML file to Maventa over the interface, and Maventa takes care of the conversion and delivering the file to its destination in the correct format. Acknowledgement of a successful transmission or a possible error message is returned over the interface.

Generating invoices with the interface

Does your company use a legacy system that cannot generate invoice material in XML format? No problem. Even if your system cannot generate invoices that comply with the e-invoicing standards, you can still integrate your system with Maventa with the help of the interface so that the invoice is generated in Maventa. Maventa automatically generates e-invoice material compliant with the standards out of your data. This also allows you to extend the life cycle of legacy systems and connect them to e-invoicing without needing to invest in a new system immediately.


Concerned about the complexity related to commissioning or changing the invoice intermediator? Call us at +358 10 219 34 00, send a message to sales@maventa.com or leave a contact request, and we will clear up your concerns.

Commissioning and specifications

Commissioning Maventa is very straightforward technically. If your system can generate and read invoices, this is enough. In commissioning, we go through sending and receiving invoices as well as the necessary specifications together. The commissioning specifications and support services are free of charge.

For sending invoices, we specify:

  • Activating customers in e-invoicing
  • Invoice format
  • Possible auxiliary company names
  • Invoice routing: is automatic invoice routing used?
  • Allowed invoice routing methods: e-invoices, e-mail invoices, paper invoices
  • Paper invoice printing class
  • Invoice appearance (appearance delivered by the customer or a visualisation generated by Maventa in accordance with the customer’s brand)
  • Sending attachments
  • Consumer invoicing
  • Invoicing abroad
  • Collection service integration

For receiving invoices, we specify the following:

  • Activating suppliers in sending e-invoices
  • Communications to suppliers
  • Assisting suppliers that send paper invoices with e-invoicing
  • Invoice format upon reception
  • Possible auxiliary company names
  • Receiving address(es)
  • Invoice scanning address and information to be scanned
  • Scanning invoices that arrive via e-mail

Other services

You can combine your Maventa account with sending pay slips or collection services, for example. If you want to monitor the realisation of the company budget or outsource financial management, our partners can help.

See services that can be combined with Maventa:

  • Pay slips
  • Mass printing and mailing
  • Collection services
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Financial management outsourcing services

About the Visma Group

Visma employs 6,100 experts, close to 1,000 of whom work in Finland. Visma’s e-invoicing operator Maventa covers e-invoice service in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands.

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