More than 70,000 companies trust Maventa

More than 70,000 companies have already started using the most popular e-invoicing service in the Nordics free of charge. Maventa is the leading e-invoicing service provider in the Nordic countries and e- invoicing operator, whose e-invoicing services make invoicing easy, inexpensive and safe.

The most popular choice in the Nordic countries

A Finnish company established in 2007, Maventa Oy is one of the world’s fastest-growing suppliers of e-invoicing. Maventa is a part of the Visma Group, which guarantees not only the high level of services and products, but also a level of extensive expertise. Maventa is focused on providing a safe e-invoicing service that fulfils international standards as cost-effectively as possible without compromising safety and functionality.

Invoicing across borders

Maventa is a European communications centre, whose operation and services are compliant with e.g. the German SigG/SigV regulations. Maventa’s services and technology are used in all of the Nordic countries. As a member of EESPA, the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association, Maventa is involved in standardising the international e-invoicing standards. Ixonos Oyj has audited our technologies, processes and system safety in 2010.

Visma Solutions Oy

Visma Solutions Oy is Finland’s leading SaaS supplier, offering solutions that support the running and management of business to SMEs with more than 10 years of experience. The product family of Visma Solutions includes the work management solution Visma Severa, the financial management and ERP solution Visma Netvisor, the e-invoicing operator platform Maventa, as well as the budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution Visma Navita.